Water Gardens Confections specializes in manufacturing tasty sweet and salty treats.   Water Gardens Confections began manufacturing Kettle Corn in the later part of 2014.  In 2015 the recipe matured and has been a favorite of guests visiting the Water Gardens Theaters ever since.

It all started with a search for the ultimate kettle corn in a movie theatre kitchen in 2014. After months of trying and hundreds of combinations, we hit upon that perfect balance of salty and sweet.

Family and friends loved our salty & sweet kettle corn and told us we should sell it in stores. Working overnight, we made our kettle corn in the theatre popper and delivered it to stores by pick-up truck during the day. Once people tried it, they’d buy and a hit was born.

Later, guests at our theatre started asking how they could buy the popcorn we made in the theatre. It took some time, but eventually, we developed a process and packaging that locked in the fresh popped taste our theatre customers craved. And just like our kettle corn, it distinctive flavor made it an instant hit that is now loved by people all over the West.